UPDATED 2X:  It’s still happening.  Predator 5, codenamed Skulls, is not only going ahead but is about two weeks away from filming.  And according to DiscussingFilm, Amber Midthunder is now the lead in the movie.

The movie is about a Native American girl who, ‘challenges gender norms’, and supposedly takes on a Predator.  Now just picture for a minute the dislike massacre on that first trailer. At this point, no-one greenlighting an eight-figure movie project is going to be unaware of this, yet they’re pushing ahead regardless. This suggests that ideology/propaganda is now in charge.

Predator is done.  Finished.

UPDATED:  Ah shit.  This nasty thing isn’t going away.  In fact the rumor is getting stronger, as a (character) synopsis has been listed from a casting call on DreadCentral.  You can read it below:

[Producers] are looking for a 15-year-old to take on the role of a rebellious Comanche teen. She has a close relationship with her brother. He is our second lead, the 18-year old Taabe, whose name means “sun”. Kee is a truth-teller who sees what others don’t, as she guides her brother, who is expected to become Chief one day. After a successful hunt, he believes he has come of age and no longer requires his sister’s help, which creates a rift between them. She decides to set out and prove that she is just as capable as the others. She aims to defy the rules set by the masculine world of the Comanche.

Fox might as well come out and deny this, because to openly boast of sticking two feminist fingers up to the core of the original movie – total masculinity – is insanity.  It just can’t be true, can it?  Ah fuck it, we know the answer to that…

PREVIOUSLY:  The director of the new Predator movie, Dan Trachtenberg, was once set to make a movie called Skulls.  This film would… ‘follow a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior’.  Since Trachtenbeg is now behind the new Predator movie, you might think that this woke-sounding venture has been placed on ice.

Well in the words of Commando’s Bennett, ‘you thought wrong’.

According to DiscussingFilm:

Update 11/20/2020: It has been confirmed that this project is actually a new installment in Fox’s staple Predator franchise.

It sounds like a Comanche woman will take on a Predator in the old times, if this ‘confirmation’ is anything to go by.  Although DiscussingFilm is a bit vague there – are they reading into a Tweet too much or has it been confirmed that Skulls is being re-tooled into a Predator movie (in the same way Fox re-tooled Simon Says into a Die Hard movie?).

If this is true, how could they possibly be so insulated as to not see the dislike ratio on the first trailer?  Didn’t Disney openly admit to backtracking on Star Wars following wokeism criticisms?  And Predator is a masculine franchise.