You may have heard that Predator 5 is going to be a feminist movie, among featuring other politically correct trappings.  Baffled by such news, I asked how the studio could not foresee the financial implications from resulting immediate and negative PR — did anyone see how Battlefield 5 shat the bed by going this route, for example? Huge loss in earnings.

Well it seems that they’re not expecting a big theatrical gamble, because the film is not going theatrical.  According to AVPGalaxy, Predator 5 is going to be distributed online, via Hulu,

… according to the Thomas Brothers lawyer Marc Toberoff, while arguing his case should stay in the Northern district, he revealed today that the Dan Trachtenberg directed movie “is going to be distributed by Hulu”

This was of course gleaned from the ongoing lawsuit the Thomas Brothers have re: the rights of the franchise.  For those wondering, this isn’t exactly a case of a change in times with more big movies going online.  First, this is a Predator movie that should be somebody’s tentpole and second, Hulu is five times smaller than Netflix.

A teenage girl showing the patriarchy what for, by successfully battling a Predator, pretty much flushes the chain on the toilet on this franchise.  The minute it hits Hulu it will be pirated, then savaged by casual and hardcore fans alike.